Use Videos For Instagram Marketing  For Real

It is no secret that instagram has been gaining huge popularity for several years now. The social network site is known for sharing photos with family and friends but can also be useful in promoting your business. Recently,the site added a feature for users to share short videos. This gives marketers a whole new tool to play with when it comes to marketing companies. If you run small-scalebusiness, you can use instagram videos to make yourself known. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

-Post a short clip of yourself:One of the first things you should do is to upload a short video of yourself. In the video, talk about whom you are and what you do. Talk naturally, as if you are speaking face to face with a client. This is especially important for large companies because you will not always get to meet your clients face to face. Even for small businesses, personal networking is the best approach for growing the business. Nothing is more personal than a video of yourself as the head of your business. Ensure the video is of high quality. I strongly suggest you to visit Instagram Marketing For Real to learn more about this.

-Demonstrate your work: Another excellent way of using videos on instagram to promote your business is to make short videos of what you do. This will provide your followers and potential customers a chance to see how you do what you do. From the video, the viewers can judge the quality of your work and if they are impressed, they will have you in mind the next time they need such goods or services. These videos can also be a great way of introducing a new product or service to the market especially if it is something completely new to the market.

-Post video testimonials: A major promoting your business is assuring potential clients or customers that they are as good as you claim. It is hard for these potential clients to take you word for it if you do not have some kind of proof. One of the most powerful proofs you can provide is testimonials from past and present clients. Including word reviews or testimonies from these clients is effective but uploading videos of them saying those words is more powerful. For instance, it would be more effective for a client to upload a video of how a certain weigh lose product has worked for them than to simply write how many pounds they have lost.

-Upload behind the scene videos: As much as you want to maintain professionalism when uploading a video of what your work involves, followers at times just want to see you are human. Upload videos of what goes on behind the scene to show your followers what you go through to provide with them the products or services that you do. Let them see the mistakes you make, the challenges you go through and how you overcome them. However, you have to be careful when uploading such videos so as not to reveal too much.