Facts About Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is an excruciating and agonizing wound that can spread out from your neck to back. It is caused by sudden jerks and shocks, which mostly occur in car accidents and sometimes also by slips, falls and trips. Any Whiplash injury not only causes a lot of physical and physiological loss, but also results in a lot of monetary and financial loss. And if you or any of your near or dear one has suffered it because of someone else’s carelessness, then you should not deter from filing compensation claim. However, before you go ahead and take a legal step, it is important that you should have a clear picture about the instances and causes leading to these injuries and overlook the myths.see this website¬†car accident solicitor.

The neck can’t be wounded unless there is a direct impact: This is a myth, the fact is that the neck is very flexible and light to hold our senses of sight, hearing and smell; hence a direct blow might not necessarily occur to cause a wound and damage. As the collision occurs, the neck very swiftly moves beyond its normal range of motion, hence it is over stretched and has no time to recover in between. Consequently, the muscles and ligaments are injured and the neck tolerates the impact of the collision and crash.

If the X-ray and medical reports are fine, there is no neck injury: A lot of times, the victims of these injuries undergo X-rays and various medical tests. These tests do not reflect the soft tissues injuries and only highlight fractures. Hence, the sufferers believe that there is no whiplash injury. However, the fact is that these soft tissue injuries which include damage and wounds in neck muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels are not shown by X-rays and various tests, hence the victims should not be careless and go for finer tests and report to their doctor immediately if there is persistent pain, even if the reports look alright.

If you wear seat belts, these injuries and damages will not happen: There is no denying that seat belts are essential for protection against any kind of car or road accident. However, the fact is that the seatbelts might prevent you against some major calamity or being thrown out of the car, but cannot save you from these soft tissue injuries. The fact is that when you have your seatbelt, you minimize the chances of facing some grave or even fatal damages, but you cannot avoid the swift and rapid shock to the neck, ligaments or tendons, which become the cause of these injuries.

Rest, massages and ointments timely cure the sufferers: Many times, the victims of these injuries let it go without adequate medical attention, thinking that it will get better and healed with time. The fact is that, though rest, massages and ointments give relief, but they only provide short-lived relief, which keeps coming back at regular intervals. The fact is that without ample and sufficient physical therapy, these suffering and anguish caused by these injuries keeps coming back and cause more chronic effects. Hence, it is vital for a patient to seek medical attention and therapy after meeting the mishap.

Men are more susceptible to these injuries: One of the most common perceptions that people have about these injuries is that men suffer more from these as have more mass on neck. However, that’ not the truth. The fact actually is that women are more prone to these diseases, as they have softer ligaments, tendons and muscles. The other fact is that women take more time to recover than men do.

So, if you have restrained yourself from filing a claim, thinking that you have not sustained any whiplash injury because of any of the above reasons, then it’s time you seek medical attention and file a claim.