7Vital Information About Mommy Makeover Surgery

If you are a woman who’s had kids, you know that your body changes after childbirth. The doctors will assure you, “It’ll get back to normal as soon as you stop breastfeeding.” But, you’d better ask a friend who’s been there. She will tell you otherwise.

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This is why plastic surgeons have developed the procedure called “mommy makeover”. It is a combination of plastic surgery procedures aimed at dealing with important trouble spots, and getting your body back to the position where it was before.If you’re looking for more tips, mommy makeover surgery has it for you.

An Increase In Breast Size:

One of the most noticeable things that happen after childbirth is that the breasts become larger. It’s like a natural boob job! Except that instead of pert breasts that sit high on your chest, you are left with droopy milk bags. The reason is simple; Your child needs the milk and your body is constituted accordingly to provide it. This is particularly the case with women who breastfeed.

The mommy makeover is a custom-tailored procedure to fit your body. But, most combinations involve some breast work. Sometimes women choose breast reduction, sometimes augmentation, and sometimes both. Often, a small reduction and a small enhancement work wonders to get the breasts back to the shape in which they were earlier.

When Does My Belly Get Back To Normal?

During pregnancy, all of the tissue around your uterus expands so that you can carry that little one inside you for nine months. Then, after your baby is born, the tissue is supposed to stretch back into shape. Or so the doctors will tell you.

But, most women find that the tissue doesn’t stretch back naturally. It takes a lot of exercise, proper eating habits, and standing on scales. And even then, it may be hard to see results. The fact is that most women put on weight around the abdomen at childbirth and never get it skinny again.

In most cases, your plastic surgeon will recommend a small tummy tuck to correct the condition. You still have to watch what you eat and get some exercise. This way you’ll have a good chance at getting your slim belly back.

When The Weight Is Gone, Something Always Remains:

Lots of women find that, even after a rigorous post-baby weight loss plan, they still weigh more pounds than they did before. It seems to be a fact of life, something you just can’t do anything about, but actually it can be fixed.

Mommy makeovers usually include some light liposculpture in order to get the pounds off. Your body will naturally accumulate fat tissue in certain areas during pregnancy. Liposuction is perfect for targeting these areas, and giving your body the overall shape you need.

The mommy makeover is a great way to get your body back to its natural shape after childbirth. Pregnancy will stretch out your belly, but plastic surgery can get everything back into place.